[Information] LSPD Crime Prevention Tips

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[Information] LSPD Crime Prevention Tips

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The Los Santos Police Department has put together useful tips on various ways to protect yourself in given situations involving:
  • Personal Safety
    • Walk with authority, look ahead and scan your surroundings.
    • Do not walk in poorly lit areas.
    • If approached by someone in a car, change your direction and enter a crowded store or business.
    • Carry a cell phone and some type of safety device (i.e: flashlight, baton, or handgun if valid CCW)
    • Be alert to someone who asks for directions and/or continues to engage you in conversation.
    • Obey all of the robbers orders. Keep communication with the robber short and simple. Do NOT argue.
    • Observe your attackers appearance, type of weapon used, and type of vehicle so you can accurately describe them to police officers.
    • Immediately report the incident to POLICE and do not hang up until police arrive on location.
  • Home Safety
    • Never allow people that you do not know into your home, such as a door-to-door sales person, a person asking to use the phone, or looking for a neighbor.
    • Always keep your doors and windows locked day and night.
    • Always keep your garage door closed.
    • Call the police immediately when you see suspicious persons or activities.
    • Get to know the police officers in your area.
    • Start or join a Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Transportation Safety
    • Wear a seatbelt.
    • Follow the speed limit.
    • Do not engage in road rage.
    • Do not drink and drive.
    • Do not take any prescription medication before operating a motor vehicle.
To report a crime, please contact the Police Department's Detectives Division or 911 for situations that require an emergency response.

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