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[LSPD] File a Complaint

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Los Santos Police Department
Internal Affairs Group

Report a Police Officer
The Internal Affairs Group operates as the investigative arm of High Command to identify and respond to behaviour that may violate departmental procedure, policy or place the image of the department into disrepute. Investigations are thorough and impartial in order to protect the rights of the employee and maintain departmental integrity.

The process detailed below serves as a way for employees, citizens, other government agencies to report misconduct committed by employees of this department. Allegations of false imprisonment, information leaks, leads in regards to corruption, unlawful searches or seizures, poor service, and more, are all grounds for a complaint.

Employees of the Los Santos Police Department are expected to conduct themselves professionally, adhere to departmental guidelines and act in the best interests of the community at all times. Anyone who feels that an employee has acted improperly should bring the matter to the attention of a supervisor or alternatively file a complaint to the Internal Affairs Group. All allegations will be investigated and appropriate action is taken. It is through this process that you can help maintain the high standards of quality that the department demands and the community deserves.

You may make a complaint in person at any precinct or by filling out the online form found here.


  • Once a complaint is received, you will be sent a written acknowledgment via email. The complaint will then be reviewed by a member of the Internal Affairs Group to determine its validity. Assuming the complaint is valid, based on the information provided, the complaint will either be investigated by the Internal Affairs Group or forwarded to a different body in the department for action.

    A preliminary investigation is carried out is carried into all complaints received. A preliminary investigation is where key statements are gathered, sources of evidence are sought and a conclusion as to whether the complaint warrants a complete investigation is drawn. Any decision not to proceed with a complete investigation will be made by Internal Affairs Group Command/High Command. In these situations, the complainant will be informed via email with a written explanation as to the reasoning behind the decision. A complete investigation will only take place where the allegations, if true, would likely result in formal disciplinary action being taken.

    A complete investigation entails collating all relevant information in relation to the complaint to achieve the purpose of the inquiry. This is not necessarily an exhaustive investigation, and in some cases, a professional judgment will determine when sufficient relevant evidence of all points of view has been obtained.

    There are five possible conclusions, following a complete investigation:
  • Founded: The investigation has shown that some or all of the allegations made against the employee are true and that the conduct at issue is a violation of department policy or procedure.
  • Unfounded: The investigation has shown that none of the allegations made against the employee are true and that the conduct at issue is not in violation of department policy or procedure.
  • Unresolved: The investigation has shown that the allegations cannot be proven true or untrue by a preponderance of evidence.
  • Exonerated: The investigation has shown that the conduct at issue occurred but is not a violation of department policy or procedure.
  • Policy Review: The investigation has shown that there is a need to modify an existing policy/procedure or to implement one.

    Once a conclusion has been reached, and disciplinary action has been issued, if necessary, the result of the investigation will be sent to the complainant. At this point, the investigation is considered to be complete and is closed.

    (( OOC NOTE ))
    • If using IC video/audio evidence to support the complaint such as dashcam/CCTV footage, the complainant is required to provide OOC evidence in the form of either screenshots/video recording. If IC'ly recording a situation, OOC evidence must show you roleplaying said action.

      Internal Affairs may disregard the complaint if any of the following conditions are met:
      • The reported employee has since name changed or is character killed (CK'd).
      • Proof of IC video/audio evidence has not been submitted and if the OOC evidence of you roleplaying either bodycam or receiving CCTV from the appropriate persons is not submitted.
      • The reported employee has been out-of-character discharged from the group.
      • The reported employee has been banned from the server.