(( [LSPD] Report OOC Corruption ))

This section contains information on reaching out to the Internal Affairs. Instructions on filing a complaint on an officer and filing for an appeal can be found here.
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(( [LSPD] Report OOC Corruption ))

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The LSPD's out of character corruption rules are relatively clear and all players in the group are expected to adhere to them. For the sake of transparency, the exact page from our manual is included below which details what players can and cannot do as far as corrupt acts go. If you discover an officer violating any of these rules, we encourage you to report them, regardless of if they have corruption permissions or not. Evidence can be submitted on an OOC basis which means that players are not required to provide evidence of them turning on their body camera, collecting surveillance footage, etc. This is all done on an OOC basis.

OOC corruption is regulated by the Chief of Police and those who he/she delegates the responsibility to. This typically tends to include Staff Officers (i.e. Commanders and above).

  • Omitted from this section are Police Officer Is and Cadets. Officers who are the rank of Police Officer I or under are not permitted to commit any forms of corruption to any degree or they will be removed from the group.

    In character corruption is when a police officer compromises the laws, acts against Department expectations, or abuses their power; this is often done to promote, increase, accommodate, or facilitate criminal and/or unlawful behavior. It is agreed upon by staff and command alike that in character corruption, to certain degrees, can produce good-quality roleplay if done well. The following examples are situations which are classified as in character corruption:
    • Use of moderate brutality on or off duty (e.g. aggressive or excessive force that does not maim or kill).
    • Purposely failing to report, address, or investigate a misdemeanor-level crime.
    • Substance abuse-related crimes such as alcohol or drug addictions.
    Though these forms of corruption are allowed, they can result in consequences if discovered/reported in character, such as disciplinary actions, discharge, or criminal charges against your character. However, they do not result in out of character consequences such as admin punishments or out of character group removal.
  • Out of character corruption is generally recognized as using group-specific advantages in a deliberate and/or excessively unlawful manner. It can also be committing grievously or seriously unlawful acts that go against Department expectations of conduct. These types of corruption give either the Department or other members of the server an unfair advantage over one another and are prohibited on an out of character basis. Sometimes these acts may also result in admin punishments but that is up to the discretion of Mafia City’s staff team. The following examples are forms of corruption or conduct which, if found either in character or out of character, can result in consequences such as group removal:
    • Leaving cell doors unlocked and/or facilitating suspect/detainee escapes.
    • Committing felonies (kidnapping, rape, murder, etc.).
    • Trafficking confiscated paraphernalia (guns, drugs, etc.).
    These types of corruption are only permitted if explicit, written approval has been given by the Chief of Police. This approval may allow a character as a whole to be corrupt or may only permit specific corrupt acts.

Title: (( OOC Corruption: Officer Forename Surname ))
Receipients: LSPD Office of the Chief

Code: Select all

[divbox=white][center][size=120][b]OUT OF CHARACTER CORRUPTION REPORT[/b][/center][/size]
I. Complaintant Information
[b]Character Name:[/b] 
[b]Date of Corruption Violation:[/b] 
[b]Time of Corruption Violation:[/b]

II. Officer Information
[size=90]If you do not know the answer to any of these questions, please leave your answer blank.[/size]
[b]Officer Name:[/b]
[b]Officer Rank:[/b]

III. Situation Information
[b]Witness(es):[/b] Provide a method for us to contact the witnesses, such as their Mafia City forum URL or their Discord ID.
[b]Description of Events:[/b] 


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